Conococheague Lutheran Parish

St. Paul's Lutheran Church & Mount Tabor Lutheran Church

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Paul's Lutheran CHURCH

Worship Every Sunday at 8:45 am
Communion on the First Sunday of the Month
And on Special Holy Days

Mount Tabor Lutheran Church

Worship Every Sunday at 10:30 am
Communion on the First Sunday of the Month
And on Special Holy Days

St. Paul's Lutheran Church

Sunday Worship 8:45 am
14106 National Pike, Clear Spring, MD 21722
Sunday Worship is also found Live on Facebook. A recording of the worship service will be available on our Facebook page afterward.

Mount Tabor Lutheran Church

Sunday Worship 10:30 am
14615 Fairview Church Rd, Clear Spring MD 21722
Sunday Worship Service is also available Live on Facebook. A recording of the worship service will be available on our Facebook page afterward.
* There are occasions when going to Facebook Live has been an issue.

St. Paul's Lutheran and Mount Tabor Lutheran churches formed a partnership around 1856 to share pastors and other resources. This partnership became known as the Conococheague Lutheran Parish and continues to work and share with each other, sharing a pastor, staff, and a commitment to providing worship and ministries in the Clear Spring and Fairview areas of Washington County, MD.


Our Pastor

Pastor Robert Lewis began his call to the parish in February 2020. He has a passion for preaching and sharing observations of faith found in movies, Sci-Fi, and humor.
Email - Pastor(at)LutheranSpirit(dot)org

Conococheague Lutheran Parish

The Parish is made up of two congregations that shares a living, daring confidence in God’s grace. Liberated by our faith, we embrace you as a whole person — questions, complexities and all. We are all God’s children. We understand that we are to continually deepen our relationship with God, through Jesus Christ, and sustained by the Holy Spirit. Click to reach the Facebook page.

All Are Truly Welcome

As a sacramental community, we take very seriously our Lord’s example – God’s love is not meant just for some, it is for everyone. During Jesus’ earthly ministry, he welcomed all, including those who were excluded and who others turned their back on. We are called to do the same and to look beyond exclusion to inclusion. It does not matter your background, including your faith background. All are welcome.

At Our Core

We are a dynamic, sacramental community dedicated to living out the implications of Jesus’ love. But what does this mean?

Dynamic – As Christians, we recognize our call to live and love intentionally in the world. Because God first loved us, we are called share God’s love.

Sacramental – We see God in the world. Jesus Christ, our Messiah, is fully human and fully God. We believe and share in that oneness of spirit and world most strongly in the Eucharist (communion) and in our baptism.

Community – We believe that we cannot be a Christian alone, for it is being part of a community of faith that sustains us. We are part of the church universal, which makes us all part of the Body of Christ. We look to each other – our brothers and sisters in Christ – to support us in times of trial and to celebrate with us in moments of joy.

We try to follow our Lord’s example. God’s love is meant for everyone. We work to extend our community to those in need, the homeless, the unemployed, and those who are suffering.

We recognize that there are no simple answers in life. Our 21st century faith calls us to reject simple clichés and stereotypes while seeking a meaningful role for all people of God in today’s world.